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$150 / month

Yoga and Meditation is the key of being happy. It helps for the harmony of body, mind and the soul.

Regularity, Continuity and punctuality in practicing the yoga is the only way to know the self.

  • Knowing the self
  • Understanding the body,mind and alertness
  • For Here and Now state


$300 / month

Having a short time from the busy life schedule, we plan your moment for  healthy body, mind and soul. Increasing quality life for better performance high efficiency rate.​

  • Calm relaxed mind
  • Physically fit for all chores
  • Attaining higher conscious state

Summer Offer

Daily Yoga and Meditation Classes for the truthfulness.

 In Kundalini Meditation, Singing Bowl Training, Reiki Training and Yoga alliance Teacher Training 


Do I have to be vegetarian to practice Hatha Yoga?

 We are  What We  Eat.Yoga propagates Ahimsa or the non-harming of animals. It is a personal choice of the practitioner to eat or not eat meat.

How many times a week do I practice Hatha Yoga?

Initially, it is best to start with one-hour sessions, 2 to 3 times a week. Yoga  is not a hour class it need to be 24 hours matters what  we are performing. 

How is Hatha Yoga different from other physical exercises?

 Yoga is more with the inner engineering then the outer. Our intension, breath and conscious in preforming make it peculiar. Hatha Yoga goes beyond the physical and even affects the mind for the better.

what is yoga?

Yoga is path of Purification, the journey towards wholeness. The union of physical, mental and spiritual body. The balance of sun and moon energy awakening Kundalini.

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